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Still have a questions? Check out these frequently asked questions

What does it cost?

Creating an account is Free. Add a subscription to your account for $6 per month plus taxes after a 1-month Free Trial.

What information do I need to provide to sign up?

Your email address, password, and a payment card, that’s all.

What’s included (and not included) in the Free Trial?

The Free Trial includes our subscriber-only streaming library of hits. Look for the subscription streaming badge... more

What devices can I stream movies on?

You can stream movies in the browser on your computer. And we're already on the most popular mobile, tablet, consoles and TV devices with more on the way!

Can I set up a device so that my children can watch movies on it?

Yes, our parental controls allow you to restrict content that can be played based on the title’s MPAA rating. You can also enable purchase restrictions, so that a password... more

When will I be billed for my subscription?

When your Free Trial ends, you will be billed $6 per month plus taxes for your subscription. You will be billed on the same date every month until you cancel your... more

Can I change the payment card my subscription is billed to?

Yes, sign in to your account on the website and give us information about the new card that we should bill.

Can I use a Redbox Gift Card?

Redbox Gift Cards are not supported currently on Redbox Instant by Verizon.

What’s the difference between an account and a subscription?

A subscription continues from month to month until you cancel it. If you have an account (email address, password and a payment card on file) you can rent and buy... more

How do I use my Credits?

Use the website or app on your device to find a movie at a nearby Kiosk. Look for the At Kiosk icon. Reserve the movie online. Your credits will be applied... more

Can I use credits to rent more than 1 movie at time?

Yes, each credit pays for one rental day. We apply all 4 subscription credits to your rentals before we bill your payment card for any additional movies or days... more

If I keep a movie for more than 1 day, will my subscription credits apply to the additional days?

Yes, as long as you have credits remaining in a billing month, subscription credits will be applied to your rental before we bill your payment card for any... more

When do subscription credits expire and how do I get more?

Subscription credits expire at the end of your billing month, they do not roll over to the next month. You receive 4 new subscription credits when your subscription... more

Can I use my credits to rent movies on Blu-ray™ disc?

Your Free Trial Credits are good for DVD rentals only. After your Free Trial ends, you can add Blu-ray™ Credits to your subscription for $1 more per month.

Can I use my credits to rent games?

Credits can be used to rent movies only.

What types of movies are available at the Kiosk?

Redbox Kiosks have new releases on DVD and Blu-ray™ disc, including movies for families and kids.

Why is there a preauthorization on my payment card when I use Credits?

Your payment card acts like a security deposit for your rental, and it's on hand for daily charges if you want to hold on to your movie for more time than is... more

What does it cost to rent and buy movies?

Rent movies from $3 and watch as many times as you want during a 48 hour period. Buy movies from $9 and they’re yours for unlimited viewing. Download movies you... more

What movies can I rent and buy?

New release and classics movies available to rent and buy on demand. These movies are not part of the subscription streaming library. On demand titles are easy to... more

Do I have to sign up for a subscription to rent and buy on demand movies?

Our subscription is a great deal, but no, a subscription is not required. Just provide your email address, password and a payment card to create a Free Account and... more

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*For a limited time only. One month free trial offer for new subscribers only. You can cancel anytime during the 1 month trial to avoid charges. If you like our service and don't cancel during the trial period, your subscription will renew automatically at the then current monthly subscription rate plus taxes. Available in the US only and is available on select devices. Streaming requires 500 Kbps for SD and 3 Mbps for HD or faster connection. Movie rentals and purchases are excluded. Additional rental nights beyond the 4 one-night DVD credits a month will be charged at the standard daily rental rates at the box. Use of the 4 one-night DVD credits are subject to additional terms. No separate Verizon service required. ©2014 Verizon and Redbox Digital Entertainment Services, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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